Rarity Bay Homeowners Organization (RBHOO)

Independent organization of residents and other property

owners which provides an avenue for addressing resident concerns not being addressed by other organizations (for example, the formation of a first responder unit for the community).

Following Presentations 

will be re-scheduled



Duane Baumert / Denzil Thies

speaking on the Green Way project within Rarity Bay 


Take a trip through Rarity Bay and see how beautiful the Bay is. Come and visit us.

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SIGN UP FOR EMERGENCY ALERTS TO YOUR PHONE EITHER YOUR HOUSE PHONE OR YOUR CELL PHONE. Type in (Monroe County TN 911 hyper reach) in your internet browser and click on "Hyper-reach: Community Sign up Monroe County TN".  Sign up for hyper-reach alerts. This will work regardless if you are in the Monroe County or Loudon County part of Rarity Bay