Most residents are familiar with the emergency flasher switch that can be tied to one of your outdoor lights, e.g. garage lights.  The original intent for using this switch in Rarity Bay was to help first responders and other emergency services locate your home in the dark. Alternative uses include letting neighbors know you have an issue so they might check up on you.

Research of these switches shows two options. #1 The GE Emergency Switch installs and functions like a standard switch. It is the size of a standard light switch, but it only turns the light on to flash and off.  Cost is about $12.  This switch would work with a dedicated light that you only want as a flasher.  #2 is a Pass & Seymour switch with a bigger profile because it has more functionality. The top toggles the light on and off; the bottom activates the flasher. The LED in the middle is cool: it turns red when flasher is on and green when flasher is off for easy location in the dark. Size is about 4 1/2L x 1 3/4W x 1 3/8D.  Cost online is $35 ++. Tom Russell has a few for $30. Call him at 847 922 2472. 

While these are not a requirement in our design guidelines, they are certainly recommended by both RBHOO and RBCAI.



switch type 2.jpg
switch type 1.png